The Garden Hall


With a capac­i­ty of approx­i­mate­ly 200 seats, our Gar­den Hall is the largest room of the Kloster­schenke yet is still per­me­at­ed with the cosi­ness of a tra­di­tion­al Bavar­i­an restau­rant. The rea­son for this is its bar­rel vault archi­tec­ture, sup­port­ed by sev­er­al columns. The deeply recessed win­dow arch­es fea­ture taste­ful, del­i­cate­ly paint­ed dec­o­ra­tion and lend the room ample day­light. Cou­pled with the indi­rect light­ing, this results in a pleas­ant atmos­phere, per­fect­ed by the flo­ral draw­ings on the walls and the large oil paint­ings. You sim­ply have to feel com­fort­able here!

For spe­cial occa­sions, such as wed­dings, anniver­saries and oth­er cel­e­bra­tions, the décor and seat­ing arrange­ment can, of course, be adapt­ed to your needs.

The Baroque Hall

In the for­mer wine cel­lars (abbey admin­is­tra­tion) of the Bene­dic­tine monks, today you can find one of our most beau­ti­ful rooms: the Baroque Hall. Its won­der­ful, orig­i­nal stuc­coed ceil­ing with scenes of the four sea­sons and the old tiled stove, which was once used to warm up the abbey, reflect a baroque joie de vivre. Capac­i­ty up to 80 people.

The Prelate’s Room

Small and cosy, our Prelate’s Room offers space for about 30 peo­ple. The cross vault­ing, with its wood pan­elling, is very pop­u­lar for small­er fam­i­ly cel­e­bra­tions. Two large win­dows flood the room with lots of day­light, such that the dark side pan­elling does not seem oppres­sive. The green uphol­stery on the bench­es and chairs, along with the chan­de­liers, bestow the room with a dig­ni­fied, ven­er­a­ble atmos­phere – wor­thy of a prelate.

The Asam Room


The room direct­ly across from the Prelate’s Room is our Asam Room. It offers seats for approx­i­mate­ly 45 guests. The cross-vault­ed ceil­ing, cosy tiled oven, a flood mark and the floor-to-ceil­ing paint­ing of the Abbey in hon­our of painter Cos­mas Dami­an Asam empha­size the con­nec­tion of the Abbey to the two impor­tant artist broth­ers, after whom this room is named. 

The Danube Room


Our Danube Room also fea­tures a cross-vault­ed ceil­ing. The semi-cir­cu­lar mur­al paint­ings show the Danube cities of Ulm, Neu­berg, Kel­heim, Regens­burg and Pas­sau. Nat­u­ral­ly, Wel­tenburg Abbey is also among those images. The room seats 55, and, of course, the win­dows offer a view of the Danube!

St. Martin Room

Direct­ly adja­cent to the Danube Room, you’ll find our St. Mar­tin Room. Like the Danube Room, this space is used as a din­ing room for our guests as well as a din­ing area for the Kloster­schenke restau­rant. As in all rooms of the Kloster­schenke, the St. Mar­tin Room also has its own par­tic­u­lar atmos­phere, offer­ing space for about 45 people.